Remolding - Round Four

Classic Crimps Set 2

Dual Texture Pockets Set 1

Dual Texture Pockets Set 2

Dual Texture Pockets Set 3

Dual Texture Pockets Set 4

Jugs Not Roof Jugs Set 1

Jugs Not Roof Jugs Set 3

Jugs Not Roof Jugs Set 4

Roof Jugs Set 1

Roof Jugs Set 2

Roof Jugs Set 3

Molding Round Four! Most of the climbing holds above have been missing from our production line up for over four years! These awesome VooDoo Shapes are scheduled for molding and will be back in our line up soon! Our wholesale price list has been updated with rounds 1-3 of remolding, contact us for a copy!


More Holds!!!

French Fin Set

Dual Texture Scoops

Screw on Jiblets

Screw On Slivers

Screw On King Snakes Positive or Not so Positive sets available

Black Mountain Set 5

Black Mountain Set 3

Junk in the Trunk

Dual Texture Huge Disc

The French Fin!!!

The Huge Cobble


Buddha Belly


Rob's Belly

These classic VooDoo shapes are back in the line up! Order online on our website or email gina@voodooholds.com for a new wholesale price list!


System Training Holds - Remolding

Our entire line of System Training Holds is Back in production!!!
Product details on our website www.voodooholds.com
Email gina@voodooholds.com for an updated wholesale Price List.



Big Edge


Sloper / Edge


Deep 3 finger pocket

3 finger pocket

Mono / 3 finger stack


First round of remolding...

Black Mountain Set 2

Black mountain Set 4

Bouldering Crimps Set 4

Cobbles Set 6

Classic Crimps Set 1

Classic Crimps Set 3

VooDoo's Famous Footchips

Jugs Not Roof Jugs Set 2

Low Profile Jugs Set 1

Low Profile Jugs Set 2

Mini Jugs Set 3
Mini Jugs Set 6

Our masters arrived at their destination and are ready to remold! Our entire line of holds will back in production over the next few months! These sets are being remolded first and will be available to order online at www.voodooholds.com or contact us for bulk order information. I guess I better start working on a 2011 VooDoo Climbing Hold Catalog!



Whew! Finally shipped 2 pallets full (1100 pounds) of VooDoo Masters yesterday. This shipment is just the beginning - I have at least 2-3 more pallets to ship!
So the remolding begins - many of our classic shapes which have been missing from the line for over 3 years will be back in production. Working on a priority list this week.