Dog Love

14 years ago I decided we should have a dog. I love dogs but I was an obsessed climber back then and my cat, Chunks, was the perfect companion for me. Chunks had so many friends, my landlords would take care of him when I went away on trips and loved him like he was their cat, he was just such a cool cat. For my seasons working in Alaska or my 8-10 month climbing road trips I would drive him to my mom's where he was properly spoiled and gained an insane amount of weight. He was chill and went with the flow, always happy to drool all over my gear and sandals after my adventures in the woods. He especially loved the tree sap from Black Mountain in California. Chunks was easy. Then Frank entered my life, he had Jack Russell Terriers before we were together and I knew he would like to have another dog someday. When we moved to Flagstaff  I thought, maybe we should get a dog, it seemed like the natural progression. I was worried about the commitment (as I often am) but suggested it one day. He was hesitant, heart broken still from the loss of his other furry loves but agreed to consider it. We found a great breeder in Flagstaff and went to visit when the puppies came. We fell in love with Red, how can you not!? Puppies are so freaking cute! Jack Russell puppies are tiny, fat and feisty and I was all over it!!! We would visit him and play over the months before finally taking him home. I remember feeling a lot of anxiety over the commitment and told Frank, "look, I'm more of a cat person, I will help but you will have to take the lead on this".  Red's first week with us was crazy! We picked that little guy up, spent a day or so at home then drove him straight to Salt Lake City for the big Outdoor Retailer show. We had a booth for VooDoo and I registered him as an employee, his badge read, Mr. Red :) Security tried to object (dogs were not allowed back then) but I would say with total confidence, "He has a badge, I registered him" and he was allowed in every time and every year after. He mostly slept and got a ridiculous amount of attention. He was a trooper and an instant road trip adventure dog. He went everywhere with us. He clocked in at the VooDoo shop everyday and was always psyched to go climbing, bouldering or on mountain bike rides! One of my favorite memories is the first night he came home. Frank told me that he was not allowed to sleep in the bed and I was like, "okay, whatever, I'm a cat person, no biggie" but secretly I was like, wtf?! He's so freaking little and cute and I want to snuggle him! The lights went out and the whining started. I stayed strong and ignored it. It wasn't long before Frank got up and brought Red into our bed. I was relieved and Red has never slept a night alone since :) I always teased Frank about that and he always teased me about the big speech I gave on how I was not going to be in charge of taking care of the pup. If you know me and you know Red you know that he is my boy and I am his girl. I had no idea what I was getting in to. I am so grateful for the love and the lessons my furry friends have shared with me. It's the most beautiful love and connection, there is nothing else like it. Happy National dog day everyone! I love you, Mr. Red! Thank you for being one of my best friends for the past 14 years. You have made me a better person, no doubt.


That VooDoo

It's been almost 6 years since my last post, I'm afraid to look at the old posts. I've been following Valarie's blog lately and was inspired to try blogging again. Thanks, Val. We will see how long this lasts.

Long time no VooDoo. Well that's not entirely true. The VooDoo bouldering and yoga line have been around but the climbing holds have been unavailable for a couple of years. The Climbing Hold line is back with lots of changes. I'm not manufacturing the holds in Flagstaff anymore, hallelujah! I don't miss wearing a tyvek suit and respirator while mixing and pouring hot buckets of plastic all morning, I don't miss demolding either. I do miss the tables covered in colorful climbing holds just waiting to be caressed. 

VooDoo Climbing Holds are now being made by Proxy Production in Salt Lake City. Have you heard of them? Maybe you know them from Vertical Solutions - they build the most beautiful climbing walls in the world! - seriously, their walls are works of art! Or maybe you've been to The Front Climbing Gyms? Yes, they do that too. Basically, they're an amazing team of professionals, climbers, artists and craftsmen assembled & led by Dustin Buckthal. I love these folks & I feel lucky to be partnered with them. They're really funny too.

The climbing hold industry has changed so much in the time I've been away. I went to the CWA (Climbing Wall Association) Summit in May 2015 and I was floored! The gyms are gigantic and there are so many hold companies! It was cool to see how much the industry has grown and visit with old & new friends. It was fun but also a bit overwhelming for me, I was filled with anxiety and self doubt. I've been gone so long, I felt like I didn't belong. I felt like I couldn't do it. It was hard for me on many levels and I'm not just talking about the morning after the Entreprises Party.

It's been a little over a year since that show, the hold company has been slow growing. I still experience the self doubt and insecurity. I definitely felt it (and the Entreprises hangover) at this year's show but what should I do? I've been told to give it up. I've also been encouraged to keep going and reminded of my strength. How do you choose? My heart pulls me strongly to keep trying. Who knows which choice is correct, it will be a learning experience, right? Today I was feeling weighed down by this doubt and worry but I feel a little better just by sharing it here. Sure I could write it in my journal but when I'm feeling low I can go on and on about it and get lost in the dark instead of remembering there is brighter side.

So here I go again :)

Delivering Molds to Proxy Production April 2015

Louie sorting masters June 2015

Louie sorting masters with Vinny June 2015

CWA fun 2016


Remolding - Round Four

Classic Crimps Set 2

Dual Texture Pockets Set 1

Dual Texture Pockets Set 2

Dual Texture Pockets Set 3

Dual Texture Pockets Set 4

Jugs Not Roof Jugs Set 1

Jugs Not Roof Jugs Set 3

Jugs Not Roof Jugs Set 4

Roof Jugs Set 1

Roof Jugs Set 2

Roof Jugs Set 3

Molding Round Four! Most of the climbing holds above have been missing from our production line up for over four years! These awesome VooDoo Shapes are scheduled for molding and will be back in our line up soon! Our wholesale price list has been updated with rounds 1-3 of remolding, contact us for a copy!


More Holds!!!

French Fin Set

Dual Texture Scoops

Screw on Jiblets

Screw On Slivers

Screw On King Snakes Positive or Not so Positive sets available

Black Mountain Set 5

Black Mountain Set 3

Junk in the Trunk

Dual Texture Huge Disc

The French Fin!!!

The Huge Cobble


Buddha Belly


Rob's Belly

These classic VooDoo shapes are back in the line up! Order online on our website or email gina@voodooholds.com for a new wholesale price list!


System Training Holds - Remolding

Our entire line of System Training Holds is Back in production!!!
Product details on our website www.voodooholds.com
Email gina@voodooholds.com for an updated wholesale Price List.



Big Edge


Sloper / Edge


Deep 3 finger pocket

3 finger pocket

Mono / 3 finger stack


First round of remolding...

Black Mountain Set 2

Black mountain Set 4

Bouldering Crimps Set 4

Cobbles Set 6

Classic Crimps Set 1

Classic Crimps Set 3

VooDoo's Famous Footchips

Jugs Not Roof Jugs Set 2

Low Profile Jugs Set 1

Low Profile Jugs Set 2

Mini Jugs Set 3
Mini Jugs Set 6

Our masters arrived at their destination and are ready to remold! Our entire line of holds will back in production over the next few months! These sets are being remolded first and will be available to order online at www.voodooholds.com or contact us for bulk order information. I guess I better start working on a 2011 VooDoo Climbing Hold Catalog!